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Endeavour Wellness is a professional practice which specialises in Coaching, Counselling and Performance services. At Endeavour Wellness we understand that everyone is unique and everyone has their own goals and objectives in life. From becoming stronger, smarter and more focused to that of fighting battles/healing – we have highly trained professionals available to help you.

How We Work

We work one on one with our clients to ensure proper care is taken in resolving the situation at hand. Upon visiting our practice, you will work with a caring, talented professional who specialises in the area you need help and guidance in. We’re here to help provide you with the building blocks and support you need to overcome the challenges in your life. During our sessions we will continue to make sure you’re implementing the changes necessary to create the life you want.

Our Speciality

Endeavour Wellness can help those who want to improve their performance or reaching life goals, through to those who are battling emotional issues. Endeavour Wellness provides life coaching, health and wellness coaching. We support depression, anxiety and emotional issues. Our Sport Psychologists work with individual athletes and teams to help improve results and increase performance. Our team also works with marriage, children and family issues,

Meet Our Team

Joel Curtis

Psychologist at Miranda

Joel Curtis is the owner and Principal Psychologist of Endeavour Wellness. Joel enjoys listening to people and is passionate about helping others. His counselling style is non-directive; he doesn’t like […]

Natasha Ramessur

Psychologist at Miranda

Natasha is a Registered Psychologist, and holds a Bachelor’s degree and a Postgraduate Diploma in Psychology. Her warm, open and non-judgemental demeanour allows her to easily build strong rapport with […]

Nancy Sokarno

Psychologist at Miranda

Nancy enjoys working closely with women, children and adolescents, particularly with eating disorders, anxiety, depression, issues relating to body image, self-esteem, behaviour management and relationships. She enjoys the dynamic of […]

Sebastian Salicru

Psychologist at Miranda

Works with Adults and Couples. Sebastian is a Registered Psychologist under Medicare and private health funds. He works with a variety of client groups and uses a wide range of […]

Videsha Samarawickrama

Psychologist at Blacktown

Videsha is a Registered Psychologist who has a positive, warm, collaborative and client centred approach to counselling. Videsha’s focus is on ensuring that any treatment is individualised to suit the […]

Winnie Chong

Psychologist at Blacktown

Winnie is a registered psychologist who is passionate in empowering people to move towards and achieve their goals through listening, counselling and support. She adopts a collaborative working style and […]

Stephanie Falero

Psychologist at Blacktown

Stephanie is a warm, open, and compassionate registered psychologist, who is highly focused on delivering a client-centred approach to therapy. She is committed to adopting evidence-based interventions to facilitate a […]

Mary Joy

Psychologist at Blacktown

Mary Joy (MJ) Basilio is a Registered Psychologist and a member of the Australian Psychological Society. She graduated from Sydney University with a Bachelor of Science (Psychology) degree and from Western […]

Elton del Cid Cabrera

Psychologist Blacktown

Elton is a passionate and highly engaging practitioner. His approach to therapy is client-centred, non-judgemental; Elton discuses with his clients the goals for therapy at an early stage, in order […]

David Blyth

Mental Health Social Worker

David Blyth is an Accredited Mental Health Social Worker. He has over 38 years’ experience providing support and counselling to Individuals, Couples and Families. He holds a Bachelor of Social […]

Tracey Westwood

Client Services Manager

In 2009, Tracey began her career in the health and medical industry working as a Medical Receptionist in a family practice where she stayed until moving on to Endeavour Wellness […]

Skye Keers

Client Services Officer

Skye started at Endeavour Wellness in 2018 as our Client Services Officer. She has spent the last 14 years raising her two children whilst also working part time. Skye has […]

Services We Provide

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Throughout our lives, many people encounter testing situations that question our coping capabilities. Often the support of our friends and family is enough to see us through these hard times. Occasionally though, these difficult situations are too much for us to bear and we’re not sure how to pull everything together again. In such situations, it’s time to seek profession help. Endeavour Wellness offers counselling services from a team of skilled, experienced psychologists who are qualified to assist with issues such as addiction and relationship.

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Commonly Asked Questions

Can Endeavour Wellness prepare psychological evaluations and reports?2018-09-05T06:15:44+00:00

If you have been asked for a psychological report of some kind, please contact Endeavour Wellness. We can prepare your customised report whether it is for: Work Cover, TAC, court proceedings or something else. We have a strong background in report writing and evaluation. Please inform us if you require a report at your first appointment. The costs of reports are in addition to the standard session and will be discussed with you. Please note that payment for the report is required before the report can be released to you.

How do I receive my rebate?2018-03-12T07:00:07+00:00

It’s quick and easy for most rebates for Medicare or private health cover to be deposited directly into your bank account after the session. To find out more about Medicare click here.

Can I receive a Medicare or private health insurance rebate?2018-09-05T06:14:46+00:00

Yes. Generally speaking, we are able to offer rebates for private health cover and there are Medicare rebates available for eligible people. Please call us to discuss the best option for you: 1300 954 980.

What does a session cost?2018-03-12T07:01:58+00:00

We offer our counselling sessions at far below the price recommended by our governing body. Call now for the most up-to-date fee breakdown: 1300 954 980.

What type of counselling and therapies do you use?2018-03-12T07:03:27+00:00

In your first session we may discuss the likely course of action and the types of therapies that will be employed. The various styles and their appropriateness for counselling for different issues will guide the program developed for you. Your psychologist is well versed in many different modalities and can adapt to what seems to be working or the most suitable to you as an individual. More information about the different types of therapy we offer can be found here.

How many counselling sessions will I need?2018-03-12T07:04:27+00:00

It may sound flippant but this is a ‘how long’s a piece of string’ question. There are different types of counselling and some people get so much benefit that they have included counselling into their lives for many years. Others may visit us just a few times. You are unique and your situation is unique, and whilst we may have encountered the emotions you are feeling before, the mix of things that has caused them will no doubt be different. You will decide how many sessions you attend, not us.

What can I expect from my first counselling session?2018-03-12T07:08:07+00:00

To begin with, your psychologist will want to get to know you. They will outline the process and ask you some questions to gauge what it is that has brought you to the session. There is never any judgement or criticism. As you would imagine, our counsellors have heard most things before. We’re here to help and we have proven methods. Your first session will be all about making sure you are feeling comfortable, unrushed and relaxed. We are very privileged to hear what you have to say and we take our responsibility to you very seriously.

What is a psychologist?2018-09-05T06:12:22+00:00

There is a great deal of misinformation about what a psychologist actually is. This can cause stigma, preventing people from seeing a psychologist and this drives us crazy! If you have a sore throat you see a doctor, if you have a sore back you see a physiotherapi st, and if you have stuff in your life that’s making you unhappy or anxious, you should see a psychologist. It really is no more complicated than that. The Psychologists at Endeavour Wellness are fully trained and registered with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency.

Is counselling confidential?2018-03-12T11:35:21+00:00

The relationship between you and your psychologist is very similar to that between you and your doctor. The details you share with your psychologist are confidential and won’t be used for any other purpose other than your diagnosis and treatment.

We have a governing body: the Psychology Board of Australia, and a Code of Ethics. The only exceptions to confidentiality will be in the case where the law has been broken and your files are subpoenaed by a court.

Is counselling for me?2018-03-12T11:37:25+00:00

Psychologists offer sound advice and techniques for improving the way you see the world. The net-effect of these methodologies is an improvement in your outlook and a renewed ability to enjoy life once more. You can’t put a price on happiness but if you could, it would be significantly more than what most people spend on their own mental health. If you haven’t tried counselling, book in with Endeavour and give it a go. It’s good to talk.

What is counselling?2018-03-12T11:38:20+00:00

Life is full of complications. Counselling or therapy is a talk-based approach to getting help from a professional, in our case a fully trained psychologist, to deal with these issues. You can see a psychologist on your own, or in small groups, with your partner or family for example. Psychologists are professionally trained in proven methods and techniques that can help you cope or improve the way in which you handle various situations.

When is Endeavour Wellness open?2018-09-05T15:09:52+00:00

Blacktown practice area opening hours are;

Monday 9 am to 8 pm
Tuesday – Friday 11 am to 8 pm
Saturday 9 am to 1pm

Miranda practice area opening hours are;

Monday – Friday 9 am to 8 pm

Where is your practice?2018-03-12T11:40:33+00:00

Our practices are conveniently situated in the centre of Blacktown in the Westpoint Office Tower, Patrick Street (Suite 605 on Level 6) and in Miranda, 29 Kiora Road (Suit 2 on Level 1) with ample parking available.

What is Coaching & Performance?2018-03-12T11:41:56+00:00

For many at given points in their lives, they actually have little in the way of challenges and may have already achieved a level of succeed. The goal at this point, can be to improve performance and achieve more in life. We take a ‘future focused’ viewpoint there helping one focus on the skills, strength and skill development to help them achieve their goals.


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