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We Provide in Depth, Actionable, and Life Changing Support, Advice and Guidance Which Really can Help You in Life

Welcome to Endeavour Wellness

Endeavour Wellness is a professional practice which specialises in Coaching, Counselling and Performance services. At Endeavour Wellness we understand that everyone is unique and everyone has their own goals and objectives in life. From becoming stronger, smarter and more focused to that of fighting battles/healing - we have highly trained professionals available to help you.

How We Work

We work one on one with our clients to ensure proper care is taken in resolving the situation at hand. Upon visiting our practice, you will work with a caring, talented professional who specialises in the area you need help and guidance in. We’re here to help provide you with the building blocks and support you need to overcome the challenges in your life. During our sessions we will continue to make sure you’re implementing the changes necessary to create the life you want.

Why Endeavour Wellness?

Endeavour Wellness offers Coaching, Counselling and Performance services. We provide in depth, actionable, and life changing support, advice and guidance which really can help youin life. We help with achieving life goals, health and wellness support. We work with depression, anxiety, sports related problems, marriage and family issues. With a broad range of specialist skills, our dedicated and hand-picked team of professionals can help you with any area of your life that you need support in.

Our Speciality

Endeavour Wellness can helpthose who want to improve their performance or reaching life goals, through to those who are battling emotional issues. Endeavour Wellness provides life coaching, health and wellness coaching. We support depression, anxiety and emotional issues. Our Sport Psychologists work with individual athletes and teams to help improve results and increase performance. Our team also works with marriage, children and family issues,

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Here at Endeavour Wellness, we’re proud to provide you with a professional service each and every time. If you would like more information about our services, our team, or to book an appointment with us, please don’t hesitate to call us directly on 1300 958 517. We are more than happy to help you take the first step on your journey to a new and brighter future.

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Endeavour offers a range of specialised Coaching services including Health & Wellness, Personal and Life. Our Coaching services are designed for people who are looking to get more from a specific area of their life, from personal health to personal wealth.

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There are times in life when you need someone to talk to. Family and friends are great but when the problem needs more than just a sympathetic ear, professional support is so much better. You don’t have to be “nuts” to see a Psychologist....

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To be the best you need to work with an expert. Someone who can help take you from where you are, to where you want to be. The most successful people have someone who they trust to help mentor and guide them.

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How We Help

Life Coaching

Endeavour offers a range of specialised Coaching services including Health & Wellness, Personal and Life. Our Coaching services are designed for people who are looking to get more from a specific area of their life, from personal health to personal wealth...


Sports psychology

Australians love sport. In this world of technological and scientific advances, you can train to be fitter and stronger, you can make cars faster, racquets lighter, clubs more accurate, balls fly further, but at the end of the day the person in the competition is the most influential...


Marriage Counselling

The relationship between partners is vitally important for a happy life, whether they are in a formal marriage or not. When a relationship is going well, it can have a positive effect on every aspect of your life, including your physical health. When a relationship isn’t going well, however, the consequences can be dire for everyone...


Depression Counselling

Most people will experience times during their lives when they feel down or a bit blue. Depression is the extension of these feelings and is often described as an empty, negative outlook which you just can’t shift. This often creates interrupted sleep patterns, leading to exhaustion, which may lead to feelings...


Family Counselling

If you are looking for qualified family counselling services around Blacktown, Parklea, Mount Druitt, Oakhurst, or other neighbouring suburbs, Endeavour’s psychologists can help.A family can face many challenges, such as divorce, the passing of a family member or financial hardship.



Feeling anxious or overly concerned about something that wouldn’t normally bother you can start as a complication to your life and fast become all-consuming. The brain chemistry of anxiety was born in our past as an important emotional response to gauge situations that might be dangerous to us.


Anger management

Anger may have been a very useful emotion in our evolutionary past, but now that we no longer live in caves, we generally need to settle disputes through conversation rather than violence. Although most of us get angry from time to time, having a real problem controlling anger is a different case entirely.


Music Therapy

Music therapy involves the use of music to enhance psychological, social, physical, and cognitive functioning. As a universal language, music can break down barriers, as well as draw people together in the face of trauma, illness, injury, and impairment; along with providing alternative coping and expressive mechanisms during times of distress.



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Joel Curtis

Psychologist at Miranda and Double Bay

Works with Adults and Couples Specialisation - Sport Psychology

Joel Curtis is the owner and Principal Psychologist of Endeavour Wellness. Joel enjoys listening to people.

Videsha Samarawickrama

Psychologist at Blacktown

Works with Adults and Couples

Videsha is a Registered Psychologist who has a positive, warm, collaborative and client centred approach.

Farzana Rita

Psychologist at Blacktown

Works with Children, Families and Adults

Farzana has an open, warm, non-judgmental and client focused approach to counselling and intervention.

Winnie Chong

Psychologist at Blacktown

Works with Adults and Couples

Winnie is a registered psychologist who is passionate in empowering people to achieve their goals.

Tav Ghavamzadeh

Psychologist at Blacktown

Tav is a registered psychologist who adopts an open, warm and therapeutic approach to counselling.

Stephanie Falero

Psychologist at Blacktown

Works with Children, Teenagers, Families and Adults

Stephanie is a warm, open, and compassionate registered psychologist, who is highly focused on delivering a client-centred approach to therapy.

Kathleen McLaren

Psychologist at Blacktown

Works with Couples and Adults

Kathleen has a warm, understanding, empathetic approach and believes that being heard and acknowledged is key to the therapeutic process.

Melinda Myers

Psychologist at Miranda

Works with Children, Families and Adults

Melinda is a warm, approachable Registered Psychologist who is committed to working alongside her clients.

Theo Simos

Psychologist at Miranda

Works with Adults and Teenagers

Theo is a registered psychologist who is passionate about helping people overcome barriers.

Mary Salama

Psychologist at Miranda

Works with Adults and Teenagers

Mary is a Registered Psychologist (Clinical Registrar) who has an open and collaborative therapeutic style.

Tracey Westwood

Client Services Manager

In 2009, Tracey began her career in the health and medical industry working as a Medical Receptionist in a family practice.

Mechelen D'Souza

Junior Client Services Manager

Mechelen is on her way to becoming a registered psychologist.

Jeff Reiss

Music Therapy Consultant at Miranda

Jeff has 20 years of experience in the health and wellness sector. His work focuses on increasing people’s self-confidence.

Nancy Sokarno

Psychologist at Miranda

Works with Children, Families and Adults

Nancy enjoys working closely with women, children and adolescents, particularly with eating disorders, anxiety...

Skye Keers

Client Services Officer

Skye started at Endeavour Wellness in 2018 as our Client Services Officer.

.....time to seek professional help

Throughout our lives, many people encounter testing situations that question our coping capabilities. Often the support of our friends and family is enough to see us through these hard times. Occasionally though, these difficult situations are too much for us to bear and we’re not sure how to pull everything together again.

In such situations, it’s time to seek profession help. Endeavour offers counselling services from a team of skilled, experienced psychologists who are qualified to assist with issues such as addiction and relationship.


Success – An Inside Job

Success – An Inside Job

As a Business and Performance Psychologist I am often asked to define the key to success. I work with a number of high performing individuals from many areas of life including business, Real Estate and sport. Over the years I have learnt that the most successful people have one thing in common, they know themselves… Continue Reading

Hero to Zero – Athletes in Crisis

Hero to Zero – Athletes in Crisis

Being in the spotlight has its rewards for many athletes. The hard work and dedication put into their sport can lead to massive positive results both inside and outside of the sporting arena. Winning on the field becomes the sole purpose for athletes and sporting careers rise on the back of success. When an athlete… Continue Reading

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