What is wellness and why is it important to me?

In today’s society the goal is to help take away the presence of illness. Once a condition has been treated and a person is no longer described as “sick” there is no more treatment required. While that sounds great in theory the reality can often be something very different. For some people there is a feeling of emptiness that because they are asymptomatic there is nothing more that modern medicine can do for them. Even if their goal was to achieve more, there is very little support available to help achieve this.

The absence of illness doesn’t mean that we are as good as we can be, or even as good as we would like to be. What options are available to us if we don’t feel “sick” but we are not really “awesome”? Currently according to medical wisdom there is very little, if anything that can be offered to people. Society tells us that so long as we don’t have any signs of illness, we are better. As most people will understand feeling better has nothing to do with being better. The challenge then is to understand what wellness is and how it can help.

Wellness isn’t about pushing yourself to be the best person you can be each day every day. It isn’t about pursuing your “dream” to the detriment of yourself or the people around you. Modern day “gurus” have hijacked the idea that if you are not passionate about life and following your dreams, every day, then you are living some sort of mindless existence. That is not what wellness is about.

As a Psychologist I describe wellness as feeling empowered to thrive and move beyond just feeling better. When I am working with my clients I want them to understand that Wellness is about me helping them to become the person they would like to be. It is about having the courage to challenge yourself in areas of life which you would like to make a difference. It is about creating a balance in your physical, emotional and psychological wellbeing. Wellness is all about thinking, feeling and being better. It’s all moving from beyond symptoms to a place where people are free to be whom they want to be, and more importantly knowing when they have reached a place where they can stop and enjoy the fruits of their labour.

Wellness is all about being in balance within yourself. Once you get there you are free.

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