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The Steven Walter Children’s Cancer Foundation (SWCCF) originated in 2001 as the Steven Walter Fund and was incorporated in March 2008 as part of a strategic plan to develop a significant long term fundraising capacity to benefit childhood cancer research in Australia. The origins of SWCCF lay in the wishes of Steven Walter, a young man who died in 2000 at the age of 19 after an 8 year fight against cancer. In his final days Steven wrote a powerful letter to his family and friends asking them to raise money for childhood cancer research “so that one day no other kid would have to go through what I’ve been through”.

Our Vision

“100% survival for all children with cancer and prevention of their suffering”

Our Mission

To make a difference for children with cancer by raising philanthropic funds for childhood cancer research which can impact on the current clinical standards of care for children with cancer, reduce side effects and improve survival rates.

Our Commitment

SWCCF is committed to fundraising partnerships offering financial support for vital research so that every child with cancer can be guaranteed a future and an improved quality of life.

Since 2000, the Foundation has been committed to raising funds for much needed and vital cancer research, supporting the provision of a full range of clinical services to patients, tertiary care and health promotion and prevention programs for children and adolescents.

For every 10 children diagnosed with cancer, three do not survive and here in Australia, that translates to three children losing their lives to cancer every week. We believe that is three children too many. Of those children who survive, many will have chronic health problems as a direct result of their treatments.

There has been significant improvement in the life expectancy of children post diagnosis, however research and clinical trials are essential to ensure we are continually moving forward toward our goal of 100% survival for ALL children. Click here to learn more about The Steven Walter Children’s Cancer Foundation

Our Story

The Chad Robinson Legacy Foundation was founded in memory of former National Rugby League Player Chad Robinson, who lost his battle with mental illness in November 2016. Professional athletes are vulnerable to mental health problems and Chad’s story resonates with many athletes current and retired.

Chad will always be remembered for courageously shining a spotlight on the invisible struggle of mental illness and helping others who were also suffering.

Our mission is to carry on his legacy by championing the long term mental wellbeing of athletes

We believe that collaboration is necessary to deliver a meaningful long-term solution. To make this a reality, leadership is required from an organisation that is solely focussed on the overall wellbeing of athletes both on and off the field.
Our ambition is to be that organisation who delivers this leadership and focus.

How you can help

Chads Legacy is a national mental health charity supporting athletes with life after retirement, who may be battling depression, anxiety and identity loss.

By raising funds for Chads Legacy you can help us change lives. Your donation increases our ability to reach more athletes who are struggling with mental illness.

Fundraising helps us:

  • Create free resources to support athletes
  • Expand our reach with new campaigns
  • Conduct research to improve mental health services

Click here to learn more about The Chad Robinson Legacy Foundation