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What is anger?

Anger may have been a very useful emotion in our evolutionary past, but now that we no longer live in caves, we generally need to settle disputes through conversation rather than violence. Although most of us get angry from time to time, having a real problem controlling anger is a different case entirely. This can result in rage, bitterness, exhausting grudges, and may even escalate to physical violence.

How do you control anger?

Keeping your temper under control is vital to a peaceful life. There will always be incidents that make you bristle and raise your blood pressure, but how you deal with them is what’s important. If your anger is in control of you it can have a very negative effect on your relationships and even take its toll on your health.

Sometimes you might just need to take time out, but that won’t always work. A psychologist can help you learn to express your frustration in an assertive but non-confrontational way.

What can you do about your anger?

At Endeavour we recommend a holistic approach to anger management. Regular exercise can provide an outlet for your emotions and replace feelings of anger with positive endorphins: chemicals that make you feel happier and more relaxed. We will teach you how to think before you speak, giving you more time to avoid fanning the flames of a situation. We have many techniques and because your situation is unique to you, we can tailor a program accordingly.

What will I get out of anger management counselling?

If your anger upsets you and hurts those around you, call Endeavour. We can help you with anger management classes or highly-personalised anger management counselling. With professional help, you can identify regular themes that trigger your angry outbursts. We can help you to use powerful tools such as humour and forgiveness to diffuse a situation before it gets out of hand. Psychologists are trained in practical relaxation skills, so you can turn the heat down on your anger, and regain control of your life.

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