What is music therapy?

Music therapy involves the use of music to enhance psychological, social, physical, and cognitive functioning. As a universal language, music can break down barriers, as well as draw people together in the face of trauma, illness, injury, and impairment; along with providing alternative coping and expressive mechanisms during times of distress.

Who it can benefit?

Music therapy can benefit those who are struggling with emotional stress, communication, expression, and social interaction. Specifically, music therapy can be efficacious for conduct issues, aggression, hyperactivity, poor attention, autism, anxiety, depression, stress, perfectionism, and developmental and learning difficulties.

How it can help?

Music therapy is designed to enhance communication, understanding, empathy, family happiness, emotional and social well-being, expression, self-confidence, teamwork, and mood regulation.

What is involved in music therapy?

Through engaging in instrumental activities, song writing, improvisation, singing, movement, and music appreciation; music therapy can activate the senses, imagination, attention and focus!! Together this gets the energy, creativity, reflective and expressive juices flowing…. Not to mention the incredible FUN had by all!!!