Relationship Counselling

Whether they’re between lovers, family members or friends, healthy relationships are an essential to a happy life. Sometimes, however, we find it hard to maintain these relationships and they become distressing or frustrating to us.

Left unresolved these problems can grow until they feel insurmountable and lead to psychological, physical and emotional stress. In times like these, a relationship counsellor can help.

What causes relationship problems?

There are various reasons relationships can break down. Common causes include:

  • Disagreement over household tasks and responsibilities
  • Poor communication skills, such as emotional detachment and emotionally reactive behaviour
  • Relationship intimacy issues including impotence, libido and other health issues.
  • Financial issues and changes in circumstances
  • Pressures caused by major life transitions such as loss of a loved one, immigration, career changes, or having a baby
  • Undefined, shifting or split loyalties between extended family or in-laws

What can be done to help my relationship?

At Endeavour Wellness, we offering relationship counselling services that helps individuals and couples develop the tools they need to build resilience, increase positivity, and resolve differences.

Often, individuals like to come in by themselves to have the opportunity to discuss their situation without the other party present. Topics of discussion can then look at whether you should continue with the relationship or the best way to ask your partner to come with you for joint counselling.

The relationship therapist will help you through psychological treatments like cognitive behavioural, acceptance and commitment, or solution-focused therapy. The purpose of the counselling is to change patterns of behaviour and may therefore focus on your emotional needs.

Another important aspect of your counselling will be education on the proven strategies for building quality relationships. With these tools, you can enhance your understanding of one another and, together, achieve a more fulfilling relationship.

To make an appointment to see a relationship counsellor near Sutherland, contact the Client Relationship Team today to make an appointment. Endeavour Wellness also offers relationship counselling workshops – contact us direct for more information.