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Joel Curtis

Psychologist at Miranda and Double Bay

Works with Adults and Couples Specialisation - Sport Psychology

Joel Curtis is the owner and Principal Psychologist of Endeavour Wellness. Joel enjoys listening to people and is passionate about helping others. His counselling style is non-directive; he doesn’t like telling people what he thinks they should do. His goal is to help people understand themselves so they have the skills to be able to help themselves.

Joel works with people to help them achieve what they want to achieve in their life. As a Psychologist, he is dedicated to understanding your story and tailoring an approach which will work best for you. Joel has a client centred approach to counselling and works in a non-judgemental environment.

Joel provides support for people experiencing depression, anxiety and phobias. He has a strong interest in men’s health as well as working to support teenage boys. Joel works with couples to provide support for relationship and marriage issues.

Joel is also a registered Sport Psychologist and works with a range of athletes and teams to help support their performance needs. Joel also works with business owners, managers and sales staff to help improve business performance, as well as helping those people work more effectively with their teams and customers.

Joel holds a Masters’ Degree in Psychology from Western Sydney University. His therapeutic styles include CBT, Mindfulness, ACT and Solutions Focused Therapy.

Nancy Sokarno

Psychologist at Miranda

Works with Children, Families and Adults

Nancy enjoys working closely with women, children and adolescents, particularly with eating disorders, anxiety, depression, issues relating to body image, self-esteem, behaviour management and relationships. She enjoys the dynamic of family and couple therapy as it is inclusive of all members and allows for productive therapy.

Nancy's approach to Psychology and therapy is founded on the best possible outcome for her clients. Nancy endeavours to assist clients in developing and maintaining healthy relations, as well as sound mental health through her client-centered approach. Whilst working with clients, Nancy aims to develop a therapeutic alliance to aid the implementation of goals and education regarding nutrition, physical health and exercise. Nancy is of the belief that both physical and mental health are inter-related and works closely with clients to achieve both short-term and long-term goals.

Nancy has a wealth of knowledge about the transitional stages within the developmental cycle - particularly from childhood to adolescence and adolescence to adulthood. In this realm, Nancy has facilitated intensive workshops to guide children, adolescents and young adults through life transitions whilst focusing heavily on developing healthy relationships, resilience and self-esteem. Nancy works closely with treating anxiety through the use of Psychoeducation and believes her clients all have the healing power within themselves. Nancy embraces clients with unconditional positive regard and motivates clients to excel in all aspects of everyday life.

Languages: English and Arabic

Therapies used: Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Psychoeducation, Mindfulness & Relaxation, Exposure Therapy, Client-Centered Therapy, Motivational Interviewing

Videsha Samarawickrama

Psychologist at Blacktown

Works with Adults and Couples

Videsha is a Registered Psychologist who has a positive, warm, collaborative and client centred approach to counselling. Videsha’s focus is on ensuring that any treatment is individualised to suit the client which is aimed to promote functional, psychological and social independence for the individual within all aspects of their life.

Videsha has worked in various private, community and non-profit organisations. Videsha’s experience has enabled her to work with wide range of clientele from various backgrounds with varied presenting problems. She is non-judgmental, kind, caring, empathic and honest in her approach. Videsha utilises a wide range of treatment methodologies that range from cognitive behavioural, mindfulness, motivational and solution focused. Some of her areas of expertise are in the treatment of depression, anxiety, stress, adjustment issues, anger management, self-esteem, relationship difficulties, family conflict, loss and grief, workplace conflict and vocational redirection.

Farzana Rita

Psychologist at Blacktown

Works with Children, Families and Adults

Farzana has an open, warm, non-judgmental and client focused approach to counselling and intervention. Farzana is passionate about helping and listening to you, dedicated to building a collaborative therapeutic relationship and ensures that you feel heard, validated and respected. She believes that people have their own unique strengths and abilities to grow.

To ensure that you are very much in control of your own therapeutic journey, she will work with you to identify the areas you wish to focus on, collaborate with you to prepare a treatment plan that will suit you best, and work alongside you to achieve your goals.

Farzana completed her education at Western Sydney University, graduating with a Bachelor of Psychology. She has extensive experience with a range of therapeutic interventions including cognitive behavioural, mindfulness, motivational, and narrative therapy to assist clients in making positive changes in their lives.

Before entering private practice, Farzana helped children, adolescents, and their families with a range of issues such as ADHD, anxiety, depression, disruptive behaviours, school refusal, anger management and social skills in the educational and developmental settings. When working with children and adolescents, Farzana utilises elements of cognitive behavioural, play and narrative therapies.

Farzana has also gained many years of experience working with adult clients. Personal, rewarding achievements include working with the disability and rehabilitation sectors, and also in the community setting with clients who live with a range of issues including schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, depression and anxiety.

Farzana has also worked with elderly clients in a range of issues including depression, anxiety, dementia, loss and grief. Also familiar with Muslim religion and can speak English and Bengali while she understand Hindi and Urdu.

Winnie Chong

Psychologist at Blacktown

Works with Adults and Couples

Winnie is a registered psychologist who is passionate in empowering people to move towards and achieve their goals through listening, counselling and support. She adopts a collaborative working style and believes in meeting people where they are at. Winnie recognises people come from different cultural and/or religious backgrounds and appreciates individual strengths and values they bring into their sessions as a way of providing a holistic approach to mental health and wellbeing.

Prior to private practice, Winnie has an extensive experience working in community and not-for-profit organisations which gave her opportunities to work with people from all walks of life including, but not limited to, parents with younger children who have behavioural and/or developmental issues in playgroup settings, teenagers and older people who are homeless, people who experience acute and chronic mental health issues, people living with disabilities and mature-aged clients. These working experiences not only enrich Winnie's professional practice but also humble her interaction with others.

Winnie has worked in a variety of settings including telephone and face to face counselling, practical support and case management, group facilitating and training as well as in consultancy roles. She specialises in mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, schizophrenia spectrum disorders, behavioural intervention support management, relationship issues and perinatal counselling, vocational counselling, training and coaching.

Winnie utilises a wide range of therapeutic styles including Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Interpersonal Therapy, Acceptance Commitment Therapy, mindfulness and motivational interviewing techniques. Furthermore, she is a registered Circle of Security parent educator which is based on Attachment Theory.

Winnie holds a Bachelor of Social Science (Psychology) from University of Tasmania, a Postgraduate Diploma in Psychology from Macquarie University, a Diploma in Psychological Practice from College of Professional Psychology and a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. She is proficient in English and Mandarin and understands Cantonese, Hakka and Malay well.

Tav Ghavamzadeh

Psychologist at Blacktown

Tav is a registered psychologist who adopts an open, warm and therapeutic approach to counselling. Tav has graduated from the University of New South Wales and has a wide range of experience with adolescence, young adults and adults as well as working therapeutically with families. Tav has worked with individuals with varying clinical issues such as Alcohol and Drug dependence, Bipolar Disorders, Anxiety including Obsessive-Compulsive Disorders, Trauma work including PTSD, Psychosis, Depression, Self-esteem and relationship stress.

Tav uses motivational interviewing and a non-judgemental approach to work with her clients and really enjoys the positive impact psychological interventions and counselling have on persons’ wellbeing and quality of life. She has experience in a wide range of interventions including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Trauma work, Relapse Prevention for addiction, Acceptance and commitment Therapy, Mindfulness based therapy and family systems therapy.

Tav helps clients by first creating a warm therapeutic environment for the therapy to be able to occur. She believes in a trusting professional relationship between the therapist and the client by building rapport that will ultimately help clients to reach their goals. Tav also likes to use a strength-based focus in her counselling sessions with a focus on values and core beliefs. She believes that anyone can and will overcome whatever obstacles life has presented to them with the right tools in order to reach their goals and improve mental health issues.

Stephanie Falero

Psychologist at Blacktown

Works with Children, Teenagers, Families and Adults

Stephanie is a warm, open, and compassionate registered psychologist, who is highly focused on delivering a client-centred approach to therapy. She is committed to adopting evidence-based interventions to facilitate a collaborative therapeutic relationship in pursuance of best therapy outcomes for her clients.

Stephanie completed her education at Macquarie University, graduating with a Bachelor of Psychology. Since then, she has worked in various settings, including private practice, not-for-profit organisations and school settings. She has worked with culturally diverse individuals and groups across the lifespan, with a range of cognitive, emotional and interpersonal issues.

She believes identifying protective factors is crucial to the achievement of positive mental health, and the provision of therapy to young people can assist in emotional regulation and building resilience, and in turn prevent or minimise the long-standing issues so many adults face today.

Stephanie has extensive experience in psychometric assessment and reporting, and assisting children, adolescents, and their families with developmental, behavioural, learning and other issues such as ADHD, anxiety, depression, school refusal, emotional regulation, social skills, self-esteem and anger management. She also has a wealth of experience in working with adults and elderly clients who live with a range of issues, including depression, anxiety, mood, stress, adjustment difficulties, PTSD, schizophrenia, addiction, loss and grief, and suicide bereavement.

Stephanie utilises a range of therapeutic interventions including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, mindfulness-based therapies, play therapy, motivational interviewing, and solution-focused therapy, to help individuals achieve their goals. She is also proficient in English and Spanish.

Kathleen McLaren

Psychologist at Blacktown

Works with Couples and Adults

Kathleen has a warm, understanding, empathetic approach and believes that being heard and acknowledged is key to the therapeutic process. She believes that the client is the expert in their own life and works with them in a collaborative way to achieve their goals.

Kathleen has a Bachelors, Honours and Masters degree in Psychology from Macquarie Universit, and is currently completing her PhD in Medicine at Sydney University. She has worked with a number of diverse client groups, including children in out-of-home care, people affected by dementia, those at imminent risk of suicide, and struggling university students.

Kathleen is experienced in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, and Schema Therapy, and tailors her approach to suit the client’s needs. She is experienced in a range of presenting issues including depression, anxiety, bipolar, childhood sexual abuse, eating disorders, OCD, and PTSD. She has a special interest in helping couples experiencing relationship difficulties.

Melinda Myers

Psychologist at Miranda

Works with Children, Families and Adults

Melinda is a warm, approachable Registered Psychologist who is committed to working alongside her clients to assist them to achieve an improved sense of wellbeing. With a clear focus on the working relationship with each client, Melinda seeks to ensure that each individual she works with feels heard, valuable and validated.

Melinda has training and expertise in a range of therapeutic interventions, including Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Interpersonal Psychotherapy (IPT). Melinda’s previous work roles include crisis counselling, perinatal mental health, and older adults’ mental health.

Melinda has expertise in working with clients of all ages experiencing issues such as depression, anxiety, grief and loss and adjustment difficulties. She will work with you to identify the areas you wish to address, and collaborate with you to formulate an appropriate treatment plan. As a result, each client is very much in control of his or her own therapy journey.

Prior to moving into private practice, Melinda’s role as a child and family clinician in the disability sector allowed her the opportunity to refine her skills in child and family work. She enjoys working with children and their families to address issues that prevent them from enjoying life to the fullest, including mental health conditions, social exclusion, school reluctance/refusal and challenges in establishing boundaries and routines at home. Melinda works from a strengths-based, family-centred perspective, and treatment is designed to meet the unique needs of each child and their caregivers.

Melinda completed her training as a mature-aged student, and believes that her extensive life experience enriches her professional practice. She holds a Bachelor of Social Science (Psychology) and a Postgraduate Diploma in Psychology from the University of New England, and a Graduate Diploma in Professional Psychology from the University of Wollongong. A committed lifelong learner, Melinda is currently enrolled in a Master of Clinical Psychology at Charles Sturt University, to further expand her knowledge and skillset.

Theo Simos

Psychologist at Miranda

Works with Adults and Teenagers

Theo is a registered psychologist who is passionate about helping people overcome barriers by heightening internal motivation towards achieving long-term and sustainable changes in outlook and behaviour. He tailors his approach to be specific to you and is well versed in many therapy approaches.

His counselling style is adaptable; where your goals and expected outcomes are the primary focus. Theo has many practical strategies that can be used straight away from the very first session and will work with you to assist in bringing about new perspectives and ways of thinking.

Theo has direct experience in providing psychological interventions for presenting issues such as: depression and anxiety disorders, trauma and stressor related disorders, substance related and addictive disorders, bipolar disorders, schizophrenia spectrum disorders, personality disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorders and grief and loss.

Before entering private practice, Theo had worked in the disability and rehabilitation sectors. As part of these roles he effectively developed and delivered evidence based professional development and psychotherapeutic training packages on Motivational Interviewing, Understanding Mental Health, Grief and Loss and Depression and Anxiety to both professionals and clients.

Theo had completed his studies at Western Sydney University and the College of Professional Psychology attaining a Bachelor of Psychology and a Diploma of Psychological Practice.

Mary Salama

Psychologist at Miranda

Works with Adults and Teenagers

Mary is a Registered Psychologist (Clinical Registrar) who has an open and collaborative therapeutic style. She is a friendly, caring and dedicated clinician who actively seeks to understand and work with each individual who attends the practice.

Mary has worked with individuals from various cultural and religious backgrounds in a respectful manner to ensure specific needs are met. She is committed to providing a supportive environment and to improve an individual’s overall wellbeing and quality of life. Her key aim of therapy is to ensure that an individual is not defined and limited by their mental health diagnosis.

Mary has previous clinical experience in private practice and community hospital settings. She has worked with a range of clinical presentations including anxiety and depressive disorders, substance-related and addictive disorders, personality disorders, and trauma and stress-related disorders.

Mary uses a range of evidence-based treatments including Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Mindfulness, Schema Therapy, and Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT). Mary has obtained a Masters of Clinical Psychology and is currently completing the registrar program to become an endorsed Clinical Psychologist.

Mary is fully registered with the Psychology Board of Australia, a member of the Australian Psychological Society, and a WorkCover Health Care Provider.

Tracey Westwood

Client Services Manager

In 2009, Tracey began her career in the health and medical industry working as a Medical Receptionist in a family practice where she stayed until moving on to Endeavour Wellness in March 2016 as our Practice Manager. Over the past 6 years she has also worked at Kareena After Hours General Practice and St George After Hours General Practice with many of the local GPs in the Sutherland Shire and St George areas.

Tracey has worked in a variety of customer service and management roles over the past 25yrs which has given her a lot of experience dealing with different people and their varying needs.

Tracey is the mother of three daughters, works full-time across two jobs and is all too familiar with the stress and anxiety related to trying to have a good work life balance. This allows her the ability to understand and empathise with our clients and their needs.

Tracey manages the day to day running of all three of our offices, Miranda, Blacktown and Double Bay. Based in Miranda and travelling out to Blacktown and Double Bay when the need arises.

Tracey enjoys helping clients and seeing their smile get bigger each time she sees them. If you would like to feel better and get mentally fit, please give Tracey a call and she will make an appointment for you to see the most suitable psychologist for you.

Mechelen D'Souza

Junior Client Services Manager

Mechelen is on her way to becoming a registered psychologist and is about to enter her honours year program within the bachelor of psychology she is studying. She studies full time and also working at Endeavour Wellness one day a week as a junior client manager. Currently she is partnering with Endeavour Wellness to create a program that focuses on goal setting and motivation.

In her spare time she enjoys going to the gym and staying fit as well as being a big live music enthusiast. Mechelen is always willing to be of help to clients and staff at Endeavour Wellness.

Jeff Reiss

Music Therapy Consultant – Miranda

Jeff has 20 years of experience in the health and wellness sector. His work focuses on increasing people’s self-confidence and abilities. His aim is to provide adults and children of all experience levels with the therapeutic potential of music, which has been shown to promote self-confidence, relieve anxiety, alleviate depression, and foster social-connection and wellbeing.

Jeff grew up in a musical household and has been a drummer and percussionist since the age of 3. He first ventured into music therapy while working as a Life Skills Trainer for people with traumatic brain injuries in Denver, Colorado, in the United States. Using bilateral coordination and memory games through percussion and rhythm, his work resulted in dramatic improvement in cognition in clients with severe memory issues. In Peru, he has successfully lead group drumming for underprivileged children who had no prior experience with the non-profit organization ConCiencia Global.

He has also worked in the school district with children who have suffered abuse and who have various disabilities and has lead several white-water rafting and ski/snowboarding trips with the adaptive recreation program Colorado Discover Ability in the mountains of Colorado. Jeff’s soft touch work always focuses on his clients’ needs and how to empower them to achieve their goals with compassion and care.

Skye Keers

Client Services Officer

Skye started at Endeavour Wellness in 2018 as our Client Services Officer. She has spent the last 14 years raising her two children whilst also working part time. Skye has worked in a variety of roles which has given her the ability to communicate and understand a variety of ages from pre-schoolers to the elderly.

Skye is one of the friendly voices that you may hear when you give us a call. She is able to answer any questions you may have and pair you with the most appropriate psychologist for you.

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