Emily has a warm, empathetic and non-judgemental approach to therapy. She is passionate about building a collaborative and trusting relationship with her clients. Emily integrates various evidenced-based treatments and enjoys working with clients from all backgrounds. She has worked with varying client presentations including anxiety, depression, complex trauma, PTSD, aggression, personality disorders and addiction.

Working closely with her clients, Emily provides a safe environment to understand her clients unique experience and supports them to develop insight and skills to navigate life’s challenges. She uses a holistic approach to help her clients integrate various aspects of their functioning (past and current) to help them understand their experiences, with a focus on collaboration and creating positive outcomes for her clients.

Her work experience in non-profit and private sectors (including supporting the people agenda in organisations), has enabled Emily to bring a number of skills to her role as a psychologist, in particular, career development and the management of work-related stress and workplace conflict.