Joel Curtis is the owner and Principal Psychologist of Endeavour Wellness. Joel enjoys listening to people and is passionate about helping others. His counselling style is non-directive; he doesn’t like telling people what he thinks they should do. His goal is to help people understand themselves so they have the skills to be able to help themselves.

Joel works with people to help them achieve what they want to achieve in their life. As a Psychologist, he is dedicated to understanding your story and tailoring an approach which will work best for you. Joel has a client centred approach to counselling and works in a non-judgemental environment.

Joel provides support for people experiencing depression, anxiety and phobias. He has a strong interest in men’s health as well as working to support teenage boys. Joel works with couples to provide support for relationship and marriage issues.Joel is also a registered Sport Psychologist and works with a range of athletes and teams to help support their performance needs. Joel also works with business owners, managers and sales staff to help improve business performance, as well as helping those people work more effectively with their teams and customers.

Joel holds a Masters’ Degree in Psychology from Western Sydney University. His therapeutic styles include CBT, Mindfulness, ACT and Solutions Focused Therapy.