Megan Galbraith Phychologist

Megan’s approach is friendly and collaborative, with the belief that people benefit from therapy when in an easy-going and relaxed environment. She endeavours to create a space where people feel safe to share their experiences and become the active author to their life story.

Megan has experience working with young adults and individuals experiencing mood disorders, anxiety disorders (obsessive compulsive disorder included), adjustment difficulties, chronic pain, self-esteem, relationship/work difficulties and addiction issues.

Megan also has a growing interest and passion in supporting men’s mental health and wellbeing. Her passion is to assist men in recognising the strength and power of vulnerability, and to increase their confidence in openly discussing concerns across domains.

Megan is trained to provide Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. Her aim is to assist clients in recognising patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving that contribute to ongoing pain, and identifying values, strengths and actions that will improve their quality of life.