Works with Adults and Couples.

Sebastian is a Registered Psychologist under Medicare and private health funds. He works with a variety of client groups and uses a wide range of evidence-based approaches, such as: Positive Psychology and Strength-based approaches; Psychosocial Development; Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT); Behaviour Therapy: Changing Narratives; Emotional Intelligence and Growth; Motivational Interviewing; Solution-Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT); Social Skills Training (SST), Psychosocial Capital (HERO: Hope, Efficacy, Resilience, and Optimism), and Mindfulness approaches such as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT).

Sebastian holds a Bachelor of Applied Science (Psychology), a Post-Graduate Diploma in Psychology, a Master of Science in Creativity and Change Leadership, and Master of Management Research. He is also a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) by the International Coach Federation (ICF), with over 800 paid hours of professional coaching documented in his coaching logbook of the (ICF).